Friday, April 17, 2009

One Step At a Time

For many of us, becoming physically active or reaching your weight goal can feel overwhelming you have convinced yourself it is impossible.

How do you overcome some large obstacles? One step at a time!!

There are so many excuses we use NOT to exercise. Oh my, it is so much easier to sit around!

Weather: too hot, too cold, too windy, too rainy, too snowy
No motivation
Too lazy
Medical conditions
Too busy-no time
Exercise is boring
I'm too old
Too tired
Don't need to

If you need to be reminded of the benefits of exercise check out this article.

Weight Watchers has put out the Walk-It Challenge and I want to challenge you to join a 5K.
If you think that is impossible use Storyboarding to "do the improbable."
Storyboarding is a Tool for living that helps you identify a goal and figure out the needed steps to get you to your goal.

Here is an example:

My Goal: Walk 5K
The steps you might use to accomplish that:
Speak with my doctor about health issues
Buy some good walking shoes
Invest in a pedometer
Sign up for a 5K walk
Make a calender (or print the one off the website) of my walking plan
Make sure I have the needed warm clothing to get out every day. (Cuddle duds, Under Armour, hat, gloves, scarf, windbreaker, etc)
Adjust my schedule if necessary to make time for activity and ME
Attend my meeting for encouragement and support
Find a walking partner
Tell my leader so she can check up on me

What are some steps you can take to reach your goals? Use Storyboarding to accomplish any task that seems too big to tackle.

"A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step."~Lao-tzu, Chinese philosopher

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