Friday, May 15, 2009

Metabolism: What You Can Do About Yours

Wouldn't we all like to say we have a fast metabolism?! I know I would. No one is doomed to a slow metabolism and we all have some control over how efficiently ours works.
METABOLISM... is the number of calories the body burns:

  • At rest (beating heart, blood circulation, breathing, digesting)
  • By digesting and absorbing food
  • During physical activity

Metabolism is determined by how much lean body tissue (muscle mass) an individual has. That's because muscle tissue is active tissue, constantly being rebuilt and torn down. Since muscle-an active tissue-burns more calories than fat-an inactive tissue-a person who has more muscle will have a faster metabolism than one who weighs the same and has a higher ratio of fat.

Although some body types naturally have a higher ratio of muscle to fat, everyone can act to increase their muscle mass. So change the percentage of muscle and fat in your body, and speed up your metabolism.

You can positively affect your metabolism by increasing your physical activity, especially strength or resistance training to minimize the loss of lean muscle mass. Be sure to check out booklet #9 beyond walking for some great ideas to build your muscle.

You don't have to be packing around weights. How about moving the flower pots outside? Or the wheelbarrow? A resistance band? There are a lot of ways to do strength training, you just have to take the opportunities to do it.

Eat a well balanced diet. Help your body run efficiently by giving it the right foods.

What can you do this week to increase your muscle mass and speed up your metabolism?

Find out more here and here.

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