Friday, May 29, 2009

Motivating Strategy

Do you remember when you went to your first Weight Watcher meeting and what motivated you to attend? (for me, I was tired of feeling fat and tired)
Usually you are super motivated at the beginning, ready to lose weight, ready to do what it takes. Then something happens.....
Maybe you lose a bit of weight and your pants fit better, or you are not huffing and puffing walking up the stairs anymore. The immediate need to lose weight is no longer valid. Sometimes you don't realize your motivation and commitment have changed, you just know you are not seeing the same results.
As those initial motivators lose relevance you can feel aimless and unfocused. You may find old habits returning, progress may stop or heaven forbid you might even start gaining weight!

If your motivation isn't what it used to be you need to find new inspiration in order to achieve your weight loss goals. Using the Motivating Strategy Tool for Living can help you.

This week we talked about the reasons we joined Weight Watchers. Most of the time we are moving away from something we don't like.
We listed the things we want to leave behind:
Hiding from photographs
Clothing that doesn't fit or is too tight
Taking medication caused by being overweight
Aching knees
No energy

These things are fine to motivate us in the first place, but they won't always continue to motivate. (Let's say you've lost 50 pounds, you may be feeling wonderful, but you have another 50 to lose to be at a healthy weight range. The immediate need to lose is gone!)

When that happens we need to move forward and grasp on to want we DO want:
Want to be in the family photos without cringing
Want to purchase cute clothing or wear clothing that's hanging in your closet.
Want to be able to garden without pain.
Get on the floor and play with grand kids (or your own kids)

Visualize what you want to move toward. Set some goals that are not related to the number on the scale. Stay focused, leave behind the negative and focus on the positive outcomes you can achieve!!
I know you can reach your goals!!!

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