Sunday, June 7, 2009

Heaven Can Wait 5K

Pam, Sue, Adrian and me before the race. Can you tell it was a little chilly? Once we were going it didn't take long to warm up. It really was almost a perfect morning for a race. (am I really that much taller than all 3 of you?!)

Some of the members and leaders from Bend, Redmond and Madras.

A few announcements before the race. 3600+ people took part. My favorite group name was "Save the Ta-Ta's"! (it was to benefit breast cancer-early detection and a healthy lifestyle awareness)

Adrian on the move. She ran the whole race and finished at 33 minutes and some odd seconds!!!
You can see Pam's foot and back behind Adrian. She finished in about 40 minutes! Way to go girls!

My son (coach and encourager) and I at the end of the race. We finished right at 37 minutes. My goal was to be in at under 40. I'm feeling pretty good about that too.

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