Saturday, June 6, 2009

Heaven Can Wait

Tomorrow is the Heaven Can Wait 5K race. I use "race" lightly as it isn't like you are really competing with anyone but yourself.
Did you know it isn't too late to sign up? You can't do it online, but you can register at Footzone in Bend today for $30 or tomorrow at Drake park for $40. The race starts at 9AM so if you are going to register tomorrow I would recommend arriving early.

We are meeting at the Drake Park amphitheatre at 8:30 Sunday morning, then will all come together with the other WW members at the Pink Shoe. (I am hoping it will be real obvious!)
I think we'll have some runners and walkers so you do not have to walk or run alone. I'm a slow runner and will have my college aged son with me spurring me on. If you are a slow jogger and need spurring you are welcome to join me.

It should be a beautiful morning!! It's a good day to take charge of your health!!

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