Friday, June 26, 2009

Plan for Success

Who wishes they had more time in the day? Well, I am afraid we all have 24 hours- not a minute more, not a minute less so it is important to use the time we do have wisely.

If you really want to succeed at weight loss you will make the time you need for it. Don't we "find" the time for things that are important to us? Is your health important? Do you want to lose weight?

Get organized. It can help you get more out of every minute, hour and day.
Do you have a running grocery list? Do you know where your tracker is? Where's your A-Z food list and points slider? Putting things in the same place assures you'll know where to find it when you need it. (most of the time!) Do you have healthy quick snacks in your kitchen? Do you know where your tennis shoes are?

Plan ahead for healthy meals. Planning can give you real results in terms of "found time". Time you have available to take care of yourself. How long would it take to write down 5 healthy meals? Give yourself 5 minutes to see what recipes you can come up with. Write them down on a calendar and make a grocery list. (include snacks too) Use the grocery ads to see what's on sale and save money too. Use your Weight Watcher weekly materials and etools to get recipe and meal ideas.

Plan ahead for the unexpected. Planning ahead means fewer surprises, though unexpected events and situations occur. We want to be spontaneous and have fun too!
What I like to do when browning ground beef or grilling chicken, is to cook extra. I freeze the beef in a container and the next time I'm in a hurry and need browned ground beef it is at my fingertips. Leftover grilled chicken makes great sandwiches and diced up makes a wonderful addition to salads.

This week I want to challenge you to make the moments matter, by organizing and planning for success.
You can do it!!!

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