Friday, July 17, 2009

The Weight Loss Benefits of Being on Vacation

Do you ever feel like you cannot stay on track when you are on vacation? Many of us find it difficult. The good news is, it doesn't have to be hard! Set your mind on eating healthy and you can still lose weight while on vacation!!
Vacations are a time to re-energize, relax, refresh, recuperate … not a time to take a break from healthy habits.

Vacations are about stress relief: The Momentum Plan takes the stress of being "out of control" and "out of shape" and replaces it with self esteem and accomplishment. Keep that feeling alive while vacationing.

Vacations are about Taking Care of Yourself: (one of the healthy habits)
Mentally – take a break
Emotionally – do things you always dreamed of or wanted to
Physically – leave the stress behind
Taking care of yourself also means eating right, keeping accountable, eating normal foods, watching portion sizes, not feeling deprived, and developing healthy habits.

Planning helps you stay on track when you are away:
Eating out seemed to be the biggest challenge to members. Here are some ideas we brainstormed.
Get a room with a fridge – eat out once a day rather than three times a day.
Indulge in moderation.
Pare down portions.
Main meal at lunch.
Order a couple of appetizers as a meal.
Share a meal.
Ask for extra veggies (fill your plate half full)
Order simply …. Ask how foods are prepared; ask for sauce on the side
Control two meals of the day; indulge in moderation at the third.

Pack simple snacks: Nuts, seeds, trail mix, cereal, dried fruit, single serve items, popcorn, granola, rice cakes, string cheese, fruit and veggies.

Tame the Buffet: Buffets offer a lot of options and are not necessarily bad news.
Browse first
Fill up with veggies and fruit (1/2 plate would be great!)
Choose lighter desserts
Use set points

Sip Wisely: Not only is alcohol empty calories it tends to dull our judgement about what to eat.

Check out new activities: Vacations offer a chance to do new activities that may not be available to us at home.
How about dance lessons, riding a bicycle for 2, sightseeing, tennis, golf, or walking on the beach? (do this is dry sand and its sure to give you a workout!) Look for activities and keep moving!

Nobody wants to come back from vacation with more "junk in the trunk". Pack your bags wisely and have a fabulous time whether you stay home or go a-weigh!!

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