Friday, August 21, 2009

Recovering From Summer Part 1

I am always a little sad to summer come to a close. We still have a lot of great weather in Central Oregon, but it is never too early to get back on track.

Some of you may feel a little more relaxed over the summer months and may not be losing weight as you were in the past. It's time to get things kick started again!!
There are several reasons your weight loss may have slowed or plateaued.
*We can grow lax about portion size, activity and other healthy behaviours.
*Too much weight lost too quickly. If you are losing more then 2 pounds a week it is possible you were burning muscle. We need muscle to rev our metabolism!
*Your body's changing needs. A smaller body uses fewer calories.
A new medication may cause fluid retention or weight gain. (check with your doctor)
*Your body adapting to your exercise routine. You can't do the same thing week after week and expect the same results.

Tips to get back on track
*Boost the amount of healthy foods you eat. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean meat are healthy, keep you satisfied, and are a good value!
* Recommit to tracking. Weight Watchers offers many ways to track your food intake and keep track of points. Use your weekly tracker, 3 month tracker, online tracker, points calculator, points clicker or your own method.
* Double check your portion sizes. How long has it been since you've weighed or measured your food just to get an refresher on how much you are eating. Do you really know what one cup of cereal looks like? Or have you experienced portion creep?
*Get back into your exercise routine. Has the summer months or heat derailed your activity? Make a plan to start again! If you don't use it you lose it! Build muscle and keep your metabolism revved!
*Mix up your activity. Don't get bored by doing the same thing day in and day out. Are you working your upper half? Or just your lower half? Keep it fun and mix it up!!!

What will you commit to this week?

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