Monday, November 16, 2009

Knowing Your Recipes

Have you started pulling out your Thanksgiving recipes yet? Do you know the nutritional information of them? The points values?

If you are a Weight Watcher member you can use your A-Z food list or Complete Food guide.

If you have the monthly pass, access your account and use the recipe builder. You will need to know how many servings it makes and what is the size of serving. If you have Aunt Edna's recipe card and it doesn't say, use the A-Z food list to give you an idea of a portion, then estimate from there. If your recipe comes up to be more points then you care to use, try and change an ingredient to make it more healthy and lower the points.
If you don't have the WW monthly pass you can still find the tools you need to have a healthier holiday season. You can input your recipe at Spark People to find nutritional information.

You can stay on track and be successful this holiday season!!

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