Saturday, November 21, 2009

Thanksgiving Strategies

With Thanksgiving right around the corner and food temptations at every corner we need to strategize to continue to be successful this week.

Three things we want to think about before next week.
What do you plan on eating?

Determine the WW points ahead of time and have a plan.
Here are some general guidelines as far as points values. Use your nutritional label to find your specific points values.

1 slice (2 oz) turkey breast= 2 ww points
gravy, 1/4cup= 2 points
green bean casserole, 1 cup, full fat version= 5 points
dressing/stuffing, 1/2 cup=4 points
mashed potatoes, 1/2 cup= 2 points
cranberry sauce, 1/4cup=2 points
wine, 4oz=2 points
green beans, steamed=0 points
dinner roll=3 points
Pumpkin/apple pie, 1 slice=9 points

How can you manage your daily points and your 35 weekly points. Do you want to use them all in one day? The day after? What's going to work for you. Have a plan!

How much will you eat?
How will control your portions? Here's a few ideas we came up with.
Don't skip meals.
Wear fitted clothes (my favorite suggestion!)
Drink plenty of water
Focus on the people, nit the food
Plan to see some of your plate.
Include filling foods
Use a smaller plate or silverware.
Earn activity points.
Stop, rest and access. (Are you really hungry for seconds)

How often will you eat?
One day of overeating on dressing or pumpkin pie didn't get you overweight. It was the day to day over eating.
How will you deal with leftovers?
Use your tracker ahead of time and write down what you will be eating on Friday.

I know y0u are up to challenge! Enjoy the time with friends and family and be thankful and ever so grateful for all we're blessed with. Maybe it's been an extra hard year for you and you are finding it difficult to be thankful. Open your eyes, and take a look at the beauty that surrounds you.

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