Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Are You Satisfied?

Whenever we are trying to lose a few pounds we (especially women) are apt to do crazy things. Like not eat, or only eat certain foods, or drink your dinner with a weight loss shake. That type of weight loss is not sustainable. We need to be satisfied and not hungry all the time, but still cutting back on calories.

There are a few foods worth filling up on. They keep you satisfied for a longer period of time, they are wholesome, and generally cost effective.
Think about what you've eaten this past week. Have you included any whole wheat pasta, brown rice, potatoes (without butter and full fat sour cream), grains and whole grain cereal? How about fruits and veggies? (shoot for 5 servings a day)Lean meats, poultry, fish, eggs and lentils or beans? Are you drinking plenty of milk?

These are foods that satisfy and usually are lower in calories. Concentrate on these foods this week. It is possible to lose weight AND feel satisfaction.

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