Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I'm Hungry....Or Not

Do you ever find yourself in the middle of day (or night!) standing in front of your open refrigerator or pantry doors looking for something to eat? If we eat when we aren't hungry or don't need fuel we will have a difficult time losing weight and reaching our goals.
Think first! How long has it been since you ate last? Do you have symptoms of real hunger? If so, get yourself some healthy food and fuel up.
If you realize you aren't hungry and are letting your emotions drive you to the kitchen figure out a strategy.
Are you bored? Engage yourself in a hobby. (I don't recommend cooking!)Do you knit, sew, quilt, like crosswords, sudoku, reading or painting? Keep something nearby so it'll be easier to distract yourself from food.
Are you stressed? Angry? Anxious? Sad? Happy? All of these emotions can cause us to overeat, if you let it.
This week write 10 things you can do for distraction when you find yourself mindlessly wondering the kitchen. Keep it posted where you'll see it.
Tell yourself "Good Job" when you find a healthier way to deal with your emotions.

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