Monday, March 29, 2010

Dining Out Strategies

I borrowed this book from a member last week. I've liked it a lot and recommend this series to anyone wanting to improve their eating habits. Let me add that just because it is on the "Eat This" side of the page doesn't mean we should eat it at all! It's more about eating the better of two evils. We need to eat healthy and make healthy choices.
Dining out is probably the number one difficulty I hear at Weight Watchers. We don't have control over much compared to when we are preparing food at home.
Here are a few great tips:
Look ahead at the menu online if that's possible. Make your choice and stick with it.
Request a nutritional guide before placing your order.
Order first. Tell your waiter how you'd like your food cooked. (nicely, please)
Look for foods described as baked, broiled, boiled, grilled, steamed, poached, roasted and au jus.
Choose filling foods; lean meat, seafood, veggies and fruits.
Eat slowly and really enjoy your meal.
Take 1/2 of your meal home to eat for lunch the next day.
It is possible to eat out successfully and have a great time too!

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