Monday, March 8, 2010

How's Your Environment?

Are your surroundings helping you lose weight or hindering your weight loss? This is one of the easiest things we can do to help us be healthy.

Do you love potato chips but have them in your cupboard where you can see them often? Do you know where your tennis shoes are? Or will it take 10 minutes to track them down? Portion control is tricky when a whole bowl of pudding is in your fridge. Take charge of your environment!!!

Get rid of red light foods. Don't use the excuse your family needs them. If you have to have lunch snacks available for the kids to pack, then put them in the garage or high up in your pantry.
Keep individual serving snacks handy for you to grab when you need a little something.
Do you have fruits and veggies in your fridge right now?
Is your tracker handy? How about your points calculator or food scale?

Remember the 3 R's for a weight loss friendly kitchen:

Recognize which foods will help you in your weight loss efforts and which won't.
Remove temptation by getting rid of trigger foods and moving hard to resist foods out of sight.
Replace trigger foods with foods that will make it easier for you to stay on track.

Now go clean up your kitchen and make it a healthy place to be!!

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