Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Are You Worth It?

Where do you fall on your list of priorities? If you are like most women you definitely aren't near the top. We are the chef, the taxi driver, tutor, housekeeper, appointment maker, etc... Life has us running in so many circles that making time for YOU feels next to impossible.

Research shows that people who learn to care for themselves and prioritize their needs, are better able to achieve weight loss.

In order to effectively care for others we need to be healthy physically and mentally.

This week, write your Weight Watcher meetings on the calender for the next month. Make it a standing date. If necessary, schedule some time to do some meal planning and grocery shopping.

Ask for help if you need to. Ongoing support from friends and family may help sustain weight loss.

Make sure to celebrate your accomplishments. You are working hard and deserve it!!

Move yourself up on the priority list and don't feel guilty for doing it!!! You are worth it!!

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