Monday, September 20, 2010

When in Rome....Then Get Your Shoes On!!

I love eating local and couldn't wait to try a Philadelphia Steak sandwich. It was worth every calorie! Times downtown Philly and another at the airport. Both were really good.

I'm not much of a beer drinker either but do like to try the samplers of local beer when I get the chance. Look at the size of those glasses! It had been a long day and I slept like a rock!!

My philosophy is to have a little fun, try some new things, then get back right to eating healthy and activity. I've already had my running shoes on today and gave them a workout!! Geez, I better do a double workout!

How are ya'll doing? Did you have a fantastic week? Have you set any new goals? Did you reach some goals?

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  1. I just checked out this blog and see that you resigned from WW. I used to be a lifetime member, but am now lapsed. I don't want to go to meetings, and I'm going to concentrate on eating more fruits and veggies. Do you have that WW recipe for free soup that used to be in the starting out booklet, made from chicken broth, cabbage, beans...that's all I can think of. I used to like that soup and would like to make it again.


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