Monday, October 4, 2010

Getting Organized

I spent the end of last week getting my menu planned and organizing my recipes. 
In the summer it seems like  food planning and shopping gets a bit relaxed and that can spell trouble for the waistline. That's why I rely more on activity to keep my shorts fitting.
Now that I've admitted fall is really here and the days are getting shorter I need to get back into a routine.

As a Weight Watcher leader I had quite a few recipes given to me. One member would try out a lot of new recipes and bring them to me if they were especially good. (hi Alice!) I appreciated that a lot but I never got them organized until lately.
I started a notebook of my tried and true healthy recipes with nutritional info and WW points values. I hardly even turn to my regular cookbooks anymore. If the recipes are small I tape them onto another sheet, put them in page protectors and slip them into my 3 ring notebook. 
If you are really creative you could make a beautiful cover for your own recipe book. Or you could follow this link to make your own. Isn't that cute?

I'll share later this week how I plan my monthly menu. I don't find this difficult at all.
How do you organize your recipes? or do you?
Does anyone have a recipe they'd like to share?


  1. Hi Lori
    I do weekly menu planning - so i'll be interested to see how you plan a month!
    went to a wine tasting dinner last night - it's yogurt for me today :)

  2. When the girls were young, I did the cook ahead thing - two weeks of meals at a time. Now, I try to make sure we have the basics so I can create dinner when I get home. I love to cook so it is my stress buster.


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