Monday, December 20, 2010

It Really Isn't The Arctic but You Wouldn't Know it...

I have noticed since losing 50+ pounds nine years ago that I don't have that extra insulation that I used to. I love the snow but it makes winters very cold for me!!
We have had a lot of snow and cold temps so far and it's not even winter yet! Here is my standard clothing for the day.
Long sleeve tee shirt

Cuddle Duds- nice soft long john type of pants

Long sleeve sweater

 When I'm home this is what I'm usually wearing. I can't see heating up the whole house just for me.
If I'm going out I'll add:

running jacket or sweatshirt

Down vest

Shoes with good traction

Hat, I'll generally leave this on until I get home. I don't love hat hair!!

And a cheap pair of gloves. If I am going for an exercise type walk I have good gloves I'll put on.

Does anybody else feel the need to wear layers after losing weight? We went to the movies yesterday and the only thing I didn't wear were the gloves!!!


  1. It has been colder than normalhere too. Last year I only wore a coat a couple of times. I have noticed that this year I feel the cold more. I have lost just short of 40#.

  2. I haven't lost weight but I do have Renaud's syndrome which causes my toes and fingers to get really cold so I have to keep those warm. All of this happened after my thyroid cancer and is probably related in an autoimmune way. I have found that a good pair of socks and gloves help the rest of me stay warm.


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