Sunday, January 16, 2011


After Christmas I always say the next holiday is Superbowl. As if it is not bad enough trying to recover from the December holidays it seems like right when I'm back into my better eating habits I have to start planning for a Superbowl party!! Not this year!! Yee haw! The boys decided to make a trip to Reno and their excuse is to watch the big game. I am having to deal with playoff games, which may be worse. Last weekend and this weekend have been two games each day, which gives me plenty of time to sew, but plenty of snacks in
the kitchen too.
My usual thought is, "If it is not in the house, I can't eat it." For the past two weeks I've been left with nuts, pretzels, chip and dip- all red light foods for me. Because the game started so early this morning now I have cinnamon rolls to deal with too!! I made sure to have plenty of fruit and veggies, but am ready for the games to be over!!
Can anybody relate to me on junk food and football? Are you planning a Superbowl party? I have good ideas on this blog if you are. (Look back into the past few February posts)


  1. No super bowl party here. I usually try to get the hubby snacks that I don't really like then I am not tempted to diveinto them.

  2. No super ball here in the Netherlands... but having wrong food in the house is a problem wit 3 kids around all the time. They love there biscuit or sweet every now and then...

  3. When there is too much food in the house to tempt me I tell my husband to take it to work. You are so right - if it is around I'll eat it. Also, I don't let things sit on the counter. If it is in the pantry or fridge I might forget about it or at least not snack on it so quickly.


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