Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Spring- Where Art Thou?!

I knew the weather couldn't hold much longer. I've been doing so good about getting outdoors for a good walk/jog.
My alternative was netflix! Not a movie, but an exercise video- play on demand. I have gotten tired of the same DVD's that I have at home, so I thought, why not?  I did Pilate's today!!
Has anyone used other exercise videos from Netflix that they liked and can recommend?


  1. I used to workout with an exercise video but now I prefer to walk.

    I don't have any weather issues here only when it rains in the morning :( which fortunately is not often.

  2. I am way behind in reading and responding to blogs this week - I actually took a mental health day today to sleep in and go for a run and then off to get some healthy groceries in the house. It is cold here but sunny for the next three days so I am hoping for a jump start.


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