Friday, March 4, 2011

Spring Challenge

The calender says the first day of spring is March 20th! Anybody up for a spring challenge? You may still have snow on the ground and cold weather but our days should be a little longer and before you know it the flowers will be blooming.
Maybe you've thrown the towel in on your new year's resolution. Now would be the time to start moving again.
I would like to do a challenge that everyone, regardless of shape or size, could participate in.
I'm open to ideas. Maybe we'll count minutes of activity and convert them to miles and see how far we can walk?
We have had some strange weather with many mornings white with snow, but usually by the afternoon it has cleared off the street and I've been out walking trying to increase my jogging. (I use that word loosely!) It's always nice for me to have some accountability though.

Anybody interested?


  1. Me, Me! Can you see me with my hand in the air? Exercise, food, water - so many things we can do to make a difference. How about supplements?

  2. Count me in Lori! I need to really get cracking. If not anything, at least waking up early enough to slot a good brisk walk in the morning. I think I've lost my discipline and laziness (not to mention the fat) is creeping in slowly but surely :(

    Maybe an easy to handle walking schedule for a beginner and as you get more fit some weights?

  3. I am in. I am trying touse the treadmill and bike inside but I tend to start strong and fade fast. LOL

  4. Count me in! We are still covered in snow, but I have been going to the gym a few days a week since the New Year. Would love to add some outdoor exercises once the snow melts away!! Can't wait to start something more!

  5. You can count me in. i am going to be counting and tracking minutes; my goal is to get in at least 150 minutes a week (either five 30 minute sessions or four 40s). That would be either outside walking or indoors on my airdyne bike. (still kinda cold in these parts and I'm a fair weather exerciser)

    Vicky F
    West Mich


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