Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Virtual Hiking

I thought for our challenge we'd do a virtual hike.  We can pretend there is no snow on the ground, no dark clouds ready to burst forth with rain. Let's pretend we are in this beautiful meadow hiking toward the mountain.

I thought about starting the challenge on March 20th which is the first day of spring, but I am going to be gone for 7 days later that week and into the next. How do you all feel about starting on Sunday, March 13th? Since there is 7 of us committed to the challenge lets do it for 7 weeks.

Here is what I propose. Every 15 minutes of exercise will count as 1 mile on our hike. Every mile will count as a mile. (that took a lot of thought huh?)
Every week one of us will come up with a group challenge. It could be take a vitamin every day or eat three servings of veggies every get the idea.

Vicky was very specific about what she would like to accomplish. I love specific goals.
My goal is to add 5% to my total miles every week. Last week I walked/jogged 15 miles so this week I'd like to add 3/4 of a mile to that.

Oregon's section of the Pacific Crest Trail is 430 miles. Can we make it?!


  1. I am in. Love starting on March 13 - the day daylight saving changes so we get an extra hour of light. That will make gettting to the trail much easier. I need to think about my goals so I will be back :)

  2. OK. Sunday it is! Gotta psyche my self up tomorrow. I will take a long walk to a market which is further from the one I normally go to.

    Shall I set up a Google Doc so that we can all chart our workouts in the next 7 weeks? I need the accountability factor!

  3. sounds fun - can I somehow recalculate hour long classes at the club into miles?
    Also, I started running on wednesday and have a goal of running the 5K race memorial day weekend.

  4. Sounds fabulous! I'm in! I am dreaming of doing the Pacific Crest Trail, so would love to be a virtual section hiker!

    The weekly challenge from each member sounds great!

    Is anyone savvy enough create a button for us all to post on our blogs? I like the way Juliann have her running shoes picture that links us to your blog Lori! Should we all do our shoes/hiking boots?

  5. A Google Doc sounds great! I'm up for that!


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