Sunday, March 13, 2011

Start Ye'r Engines!!

Today will be the first day of our challenge. I thought I'd address a couple of things here instead of trying to reply individually to comments or emails.

I'd like to see everybody,. no matter what fitness ability be able to join in. When I first joined Weight Watchers my goal was to walk 20 minutes 3 times a week. That's great if that is where you are at. I don't want this challenge to be competitive against one another. With that said, I'd like for us to keep track of our own work outs  and send the information in an email or a comment at the end of the week. I'll tally it up and post a total.

Lynn suggested making a button with our tennis shoes or hiking boots and link it to the challenge. Does anybody know how to do that?  My problem is getting a cute photo of shoes! LOL

I"ll throw the first weekly challenge out. Being aware of what you are eating is important. I challenge you to write down everything you eat and drink for 3 days this week. It doesn't have to be three days in a row...any 3 days. If you learned anything we'd love to hear about it next week!!

Have a healthy and active week!!


  1. I am in! I started this morning...fruit is free now, I see, on WW...walked 1.5 miles...I feel good!!

  2. I made a link to your blog using the Pacific Crest trail sign.

    I ordered a new pair of shoes this AM.

    We did 1.5 miles with the whole crew of dogs this AM and will walk 4 this afternoon with 3 of them. The sun is shining, oh happy day!

  3. Waiting for the rain to let up a bit and then off to the trail. New shoes - I think I might need some too :)

  4. I've been thinking about new running shoes too!

  5. It's been some very busy days. But I did put in my walk on Sunday for about 25 mins.

    I've done a google doc for my own record. So that everyone can view my activities and I am accountable.

    You can access it here:

    Also I've bought myself a pair of jeans which is a little tight. I will need to loose some kilos and then I'll be fine. So I've got myself some material motivation!


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