Monday, March 28, 2011

Week 3 Challenge

Hey ladies! I'm still in the midst of NYC, having a blast, walking a lot.

If you have miles to post let me know and I'll get a total for week two. Thanks Lynn, I got yours.

Lynn chose the challenge for this week:

I need to work hard at managing stress.  So this week I want to 
challenge everyone to buy some flowers for their home. He says this 
is a way to bring calm into your life.
It may also help bring a little spring into your days. Spring is slow 
coming here in Montana.
We just went to the Macy's flower show today! Sure felt like spring inside!!


  1. I only got in 10 miles last week. Hope to do better this week.

  2. Hope you are having fun in NYC, Lori!

    I was referring to Dr. Weil in my challenge.


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