Thursday, April 21, 2011

Checkin' In

 This past week I noticed Juliann posted one of her favorite trails. This is part of a loop near my house that I have been running on frequently. I have to admit is is getting pretty boring, but it is nice and flat and I like that! LOL
I've had a great week getting in lots of fruits and vegetables. I have to work at it but it feels good.
How's everybody else doing?


  1. The veggie challenge has been a good one. I need to post another recipe we discovered this week. I have also been dragging a very large water bottle around to keep up that new habit.

  2. last week I bought a six pack of v-8, been having one a day - it's delish and it's the new mid-morning snack.
    I put it in a wine glass with a grind of black pepper - presentation is everything :)

  3. p.s.
    Terra chips actually have a full serving of veg. I know chips are bad, but these are pretty good.


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