Saturday, April 30, 2011

Enlightened Soups

I found this terrific book at the library this week. I love making soup and Camilla V. Saulsbury shows us practical and easy ways to lighten it up. Most of the recipes are very "normal". Nothing too exotic or weird. There are 6 chapters:
Pureed Vegetable soups
Vegetable soup
Poultry Soup
Seafood Soup
Meat Soup
Legume and Grain soup

Today is the last day of our Spring Challenge. When you are done walking/jogging/exercising today be sure to send me an email or leave a comment on your miles or minutes.  I backed off a little this week and mostly did walking. I'm hoping to get my knees feeling better before next weeks 10K! Woo-hoo! I'm so excited. I hope the weather cooperates.


  1. I haven't seen those soups but they look good.
    I managed to get in my 30 runs! And I had 15 miles this week. I just signed up for a 10K training program on the Nike site. Good luck on your run and thanks again for the challenge.

  2. It's just 2 miles for me this week. I've never considered soup as part of my diet option. Something to look into.

    Good luck on your run! You'll do good!

  3. speaking of soups, my heart was absolutely broken yesterday when I learned that the Cr. Tomoato Soup at Panera had the highest calorie count - even higher than the potato soup :(
    I had the Asian Chicken Salad and pouted.

  4. I love soups! Will have to look for this book! The last chapter on Legume and Grain Soup sounds intriguing.

    I did 18.5 miles this week.


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