Monday, May 2, 2011

We finally had a good day yesterday to get out and enjoy the clear skies and warmer weather. Porter is also my running companion. He loves a good mountain view too. <vbg>

We passed a lot of wildflowers on the way up. Unfortunately my macro shots didn't turn out, but here is lovely wild flocks putting on a show in the desert.
The mountain view was amazing...
Mount Jefferson to the west
Mount Hood to the north

Part of the Three Sisters range toward the southwest.

This was such a pleasurable way to get in some activity and enjoy the outdoors.


  1. Gorgeous views! I can't wait to see those peaks again. We leave May 16 for OR via CA. I have lots to do to get ready.

  2. Wow! Great day and wonderful views. We have more in common than I thought. I also have a German Shepherd, Luc. Porter is a beauty! Dogs are the big hikers I know!

  3. Hey Lori - great views! Your desert is not so deserted as I was thinking of - Lawrence of Arabia it is not!

  4. Well, that is a gorgeous view and one very happy looking dog!
    Best wishes on your 10K!

  5. Looks like you did have a good day! Thanks for the pictures.

  6. All the photos on this blog are amazing but none as wonderful as Porter ( I mean, ya know!)


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