Friday, May 27, 2011

Eat Seasonal

I have been trying really hard to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables daily. Our two larger supermarkets do not always have the best selection in the produce section.(very expensive too!)  I noticed blueberries the other day, but I'm in Oregon and these berries were grown, packaged and delivered from Florida. I am trying to eat produce that is in season, when possible, or at least grown on the west coast. Some frozen fruit is a good alternative too.
Due to our extra wet spring I think everything may be a few weeks later than usual. Right now for my area rhubarb and artichokes are what's in season....That isn't too exciting. Strawberries from the Portland area should be ready soon.
Here's a couple of websites that will help you find what's in season in your area. (In the US)

You pick farms are another terrific option.

Have a healthy weekend!

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  1. Last summer we tried to buy a lot at the local farmer's market. I am hoping to have more from my own garden this summer too. It was an eye opener when I first started educating myself on what actually is in season - amazing how much we eat out of season. Have you read Barbara Kingsolver's Animal, Vegetable, Miracle?


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