Friday, July 1, 2011

Honor System

 Once in a while I can find a perk for living in a small town. Honor system veggies is one of them! Lettuce in the right cooler, tomatoes in the left cooler. $3 each- put your money in the box.
 The tomatoes and lettuce are grown hydroponic and organic in the buildings right behind the coolers.  The flavor is amazing!!
This doesn't look like any lettuce I get from the grocery store! They keep the roots intact and I think that is why it stays fresh so long.

 Here's my puny garden. We are still coaxing summer on here. It got down to 36 last night! I'll have my own fresh lettuce soon. If I'm lucky I'll get some green beans and tomatoes too.
We have a tall fence around my small garden.....
 I'm sure this doe would love some fresh lettuce....
These guys too!!

I do know it is nice to know where my produce comes from. I'm more apt to eat it if I know it is local and fresh.


  1. I like the idea of farmer's market produce but I just can't seem to get myself down there on Saturdays. And my garden is infested with slugs so I don't know if I will get anything this year.

  2. I love farmers markets going to mine this morning it opens at 830 I will be there!
    great garden its something I have always wanted to have my own garden


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