Monday, July 4, 2011

Independence Day Run

We started this gorgeous day with a 10K run. My son told me if I wanted to get below 1:10 that he would set the pace and I could stick with him and we'd do it.....The route changed the last few minutes before the race and we had a few hills that were not scheduled!! We made it, although he sounded a little like a boot camp instructor the last mile. I feel great about what I accomplished. (Thanks son!)

Lest you think I thought it was easy, take a look at this face! Yikes! I gotta lighten up a little bit!!


  1. Yeah for kids who help us meet our goals! Happy holiday!

  2. No way do I think it's easy ... I think you're doing super!

  3. Oh Lori! Good for you!! I love that you showed the pain of running, lol.
    Congrats girlfriend

  4. Congratulations Lori! That is AWESOME!!


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