Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Where's My Energy?

I've been feeling a little like this lately.

I read this today:
High quality food=High quality energy

I feel like I've been eating really well, maybe not enough, but pretty wholesome. It is feeling more mental then anything. Coming off my high from the cruise,  making that mentally draining trip to the coast with my mom (I'm back on the shit list already!) and planning my longest run ever (11 miles)  for Saturday- I think it is just taking a toll on me. I also think I am experiencing perimenopause symptoms! Ugh!!

I've been feeling so great and all of a sudden it changed!!
I need words of wisdom and encouragement.


  1. Go Lori Go! And 11 mile run - that is nothing to sneeze at and the emotional piece is huge. Give yourself some grace my friend.

  2. Please take consolation that you are doing way better than I ever will! Even with the way you're feeling.

    Have a good run! Now, if only I can catch up!


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