Saturday, September 24, 2011

Long Weekend Run

Overall it has been a difficult week- physically and mentally. Knowing I had an 11 miler today had me stressed if I thought about it too much.
It was the hardest, physically and mentally, run I've done. So instead of thinking about all the reasons why it was so hard, I thought I'd share all the things that got me through it.

First off, our weather has been awesome. We have had blue skies and warm weather for days now. Our evenings have been cooling off, but that makes for a nice morning run. The haze in the skies is from the many wildfires burning in our state.

Fresh cut grass hay

The smell of a mint field is wonderful

An onion (for seed) field smells good too!

The song of a Western Meadowlark can't be beat. I usually hear them in spring, not fall so it was a welcome surprise this morning.

Mt Jefferson off in the distance

Knowing I didn't have too many hills was nice too.

A time to reflect on loved ones who are buried here. (as I'm running by, of course)

A perfect pair of socks that stay dry no matter how much I sweat!!

One last thing is a neighbor man who lives 4 or 5 houses a way. He always has a wave and I know I'm almost home when I see him!!

I told my hubby 11 miles needs to be celebrated with Mexican food and a beer!! Looking forward to a day off tomorrow. Enjoy your weekend!!


  1. Great pictures! And you must tell me about those socks. I am in need of some new socks.

  2. Great going Lori! After this you can do anything!

    Nice scenery too.


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