Saturday, October 29, 2011

Exercise as Therapy

This has been a crazy week. Last week right about this same time of the day my mom was in an ambulance making her way to our local emergency room. A broken arm and bad reaction to pain meds has stretched this out to an even more difficult week.
I have to keep my balance and realize that going to my aerobics class and running is what will help me stay mentally fit as well as physically.

I've been extra tired but still make time to get this in my day. Do you make time for activity during stressful times?


  1. Yes I do. I really noticed the stress building up this week when I wasn't able to get our and run. I just spent a bit of time looking at the upcoming week to make sure I create that space for running or fitclub to keep the stress in line since I find that when I am stressed, I am more likely to get sick as we enter flu and cold season.

  2. All my workout 'routine' goes out the window when my thoughts are in turmoil. I turn to my needlework to calm things down.


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