Saturday, November 5, 2011

Put a HALT on Aggressive Dogs

I've had Halt for three years after a large dog was threatening me while out walking. A few weeks ago a dog in the neighborhood no longer stayed behind his invisible fence and scared me pretty good. After that incident I start carrying my Halt again. It hooks easily on my pants and if I'm out for a short run it doesn't bother me at all.
I have to say it works just like it is supposed to. As soon as I saw the dog leave his property and start crossing the road towards me I had it out and gave him a good spray in the face. It comes out in a good straight stream so you do not have to be close. He yipped, like he didn't like it, and promptly turned around and fled the scene back to his house!! 
The most annoying part was that the dog's owner saw it all and didn't even come to apologize that his dog was coming toward me being aggressive. I would have been mortified had that been my dog and I would have been so apologetic. It was at that time that I wished the spray would have smelled like skunk too so the owner could have a bit of punishment!!

I see you can find it here on Amazon.


  1. I had to get some the last two years. I walk in the country and yes, we have a leash law out here also but the dog owners don't apply the law. I have sprayed more than two dozen dogs around here and they leave me alone now. They just look at me now as I walk by and the owners also. They don't care! I care a can on every walk and I also carry a gun on my hip just in case.

  2. There are lots of dogs on the trail where I run but all are on leash fortunately. The danger on our trail are the cyclists who go too fast and hog the road and don't announce when they are passing. Is there a spray for that?

  3. Lori, does it also work on creepy people we see while running??? I've been wondering if it's time to carry something like this.


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