Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Girlfriend's Half Marathon- Update

I'm so happy I chose this one for my first half marathon. It is a wonderful fundraiser for the Susan G. Komen and it's all women. I dont' think I could have asked for a more scenic city and course.

Gee, was I really that excited to start the race?! LOL
Before the race started several of us ladies were chatting. I was keeping about the same pace with one woman and I noticed she kept checking her Garmen then slowed her pace down about mile 2. She said she wanted to finish about 2 1/2 hours so I thought I'd stick close to her and make good time. Knowing my average training pace I figured I'd finish about 2 hours 45 minutes.
Within the first mile I found myself running through the Sunday farmer's market!! Obviously there wasn't a bunch of people shopping yet and if they were I'm sure they figured out that they would need to move. The pace was still pretty slow at this point because the woman who were walking the race didn't start in the back so it was a bit of a bottleneck for awhile.

How's this for a scenic run?! That's the Columbia River which divides Oregon from Washington state.

I told my family they could meet me where ever they wanted but they'd have to get my attention. This was between mile 8 and mile 9. There's the Columbia River behind us.(more gorgeous scenery) I was able to get rid of my long sleeve shirt and gloves that I started the race in. I was  feeling pretty good at this point.

Is this beautiful or what?! Seriously, the miles flew by!! It was a good boost to see the family too and here them say I was doing so well.
At mile 10 my knee started to bother a little and so did my groin. I just dug deep, ignored it and enjoyed the run. Although I am a slow runner I'd been  doing some steep hills while training - I'm so glad! I ran up every hill- never walked! My 2:30 friend ran out of steam on the last hill and although I kept looking for her I didn't see her any longer. (I found out later she was only about 9 seconds behind me)
Right at this point we have 1 or 2 tenths to go. My ipod died about 5 minutes before the end of the race and I'm so glad! Our names were on our numbers and it was fun hearing people use my name to cheer me on to the finish line. The lady to the right of me was slowing down and I was able to cheer her on to keep strong until the end. She told me later, "Thanks, I needed to hear that."
It was amazing!!

A couple things I want to add. For those of you that know me at all, know I can be emotional. At mile 5 there were three women in front of me with a sign on their back that said "I run for a cure, I run for hope. I run for Angie" There was a photo of a beautiful young woman. I wanted to weep as I followed them. My SIL lost her battle with breast cancer at age 29. I knew my best bet was to pass and not cry! My son was teasing me later when I was telling him that story, he said, "Mom, there is no crying while running!"
The other thing I loved that helped the miles fly by was seeing all the terrific clothing and tattoos the women were sporting and the volunteers. One of my favorite t-shirts was "Suck it up Princess"! I remembered that later in the race.

I would encourage you to look for a run in or near your hometown. It can be so much fun and it is only a race against yourself!!
I have 1 more for sure planned for 2011. The Jingle Bell Run in Portland on Dec 4. This is a 5k run or walk. If you want to join our team let me know! We'd love to have you!!!

Thanks so much for all your encouraging words of support. You'll never know what an impact it has had on me.


  1. Lori,

    It is so inspiring to read about your experience! Every single word is filled with nothing but enthusiasm and encouragement.
    Thanks for sharing the pictures. I agree, you could not have picked a better city!

  2. Great pics! And an adrenalin charged run! You must feel on top of the world! Congratulations again!

  3. Good for you. I am doing the Jingle Bell run..but going to walk/run it...cannot wai.

  4. Good for you Lori. I've never been a runner (wonky ankles) but I want to learn...

  5. You look maHvelous in those photos!

  6. You got some GREAT pictures! I loved reading your recap. It was a fabulous day. :)

    PS...I'm an emotional runner, too. I am not in regular life. There is something about running that brings it out of me. I swear it's because I use running like therapy. lol

  7. I'm so proud of you Lori! Thanks for sharing your experience with us. And a great reason to run, thanks!


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