Monday, October 17, 2011

I AM the mother!

My son cropped this photo and put it as his profile on Facebook. The caption reads:

"Coach Ken DeJarnatt giving running lessons to leprechaun Rene DeJarnatt and some random lady who we found out was our mother on the Maury show. Lori DeJarnatt, you ARE the mother."

I wanted to add the whole uncropped photo so you could see what a lovely area we were in. My family met me between mile 8 and 9.  I know they are very proud of me.
More later......


  1. Great picture and what a fantastic family you have!

  2. The support you have from your family is amazing - and I love your son's sense of humour!

  3. Sounds like something one of my girls would do.
    Great shot of you running. You are amazing!


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