Sunday, November 13, 2011

Burned a Few Calories- Rock Climbing!

   Here we are cool, calm and collected before learning how to rock climb. We are at
Smith Rock State Park which has some of the best rock climbing in the country. We also had a very capable guide who not only helped us, but took photos too. He is David Potter from I highly recommend him if you ever want to rock climb in Central Oregon.
My hubby and I had been hiking here this spring and watched a lot of rock climbers. He said he thought it would be a fun thing to do. So we surprised him for his birthday.
A beautiful photo of the canyon and Crooked River.

This is the one route I climbed. That was enough for me. That would be me at the top in blue. This is really good exercise too, especially when your legs are shaking uncontrollably! LOL
Hubby on a different more difficult route

Daughter, Rene

The little black speck is my son, Ken

That speck is my dd's boyfriend, Dan


  1. Lori - you are amazing! I will just enjoy this experience through your photos :)

  2. No mountains in Illinois. LOL
    I really want to climb a rock wall. Maybe it should bea goal for 2012?
    You look awesome up there.

  3. OMG you are crazy! Never would you get me to do something like this, but I bet it was exhilarating for everyone!

  4. Now that's brave! I've done indoor rock climbing before but that is so tame...How many calories does "sheer terror" burn?

  5. I still say HOLY MOLY. This scares me to NO END....Good grief!!!


  6. Holy cow Lori! That is totally amazing! I am so afraid of heights, you couldn't get me beyond 6 feet! I can't even imagine what that was like hanging on at the top like that! You amaze me, girl! So glad you had fun!


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