Thursday, November 17, 2011

Another Way to Halt

On this post I told you how I put a Halt on aggressive dogs. Sometimes people can be the aggressor and here is my other HALT. I'm not sure what he would do if I was ever approached in an aggressive manner but because it is  obvious he has German Shepherd in him- that will usually make people think twice about harassing me.
Do you know your dogs need exercise too?


  1. What a sweet face. I never had dog trouble, but when I used to walk everyday during my lunch break the geese were very aggressive.
    I found s very big stick one day and used it everyday. (held it, not hit the geese) My sister laughed at me cause one day a really aggressive goose just would not back off and I waved my stick and yelled Dinner. The goose left. Probably thought I was too crazy to mess with.

  2. Too bad my little old yappingham won't walk with me. Her little knees are gone so she can't walk too far anymore. She was more of a liability than a help with other dogs though - thought she could take even the biggest and meanest dog on.

  3. We no longer have a dog but I did enjoy taking my daughter's dog to the trail. I usually run with my daughter or go to the trail with my husband but one time I was just finishing my run and a guy stepped out on the trail and took my picture. What was that?


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