Saturday, April 14, 2012

It was another beautiful day for a long run. Yesterday the clouds were low and it was so rainy, and this is what I enjoyed today!!
That's Mt Hood in the distance.

It was an extra difficult run today. The top photo I'm in a large recreation area- dying of thirst. I thought since baseball is being played there now that the water fountains would be on- NOT. I climb a long steady hill followed by a steep short hill before getting here. I'm about mile 4, today I was shooting for 11.
This hill is on the last looked like a mountain today! My map skills really suck! has always been accurate, so what the heck is going on? My run today should have been a little longer than 11 miles. My Nike chip says 12.83 miles and more importantly 2 hours and 23 minutes! I figure my pace can always be off a little but not my time. Next week I'm running the same route. I'll make sure to fuel up properly and drink plenty of fluids a few days before. Lesson learned.


  1. You need one of those water belts! That is quite a route you are running - amazing job! You are my inspiration.

  2. 10 miles and now 11 miles??!! Amazing. Lovely pics of the area. Maybe a waist pouch for a water bottle. But that would hinder the running.


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