Monday, April 9, 2012

Saturday Run

This is a way better view then the treadmill!! It was a chilly Saturday morning but look at that sky! Wow! That's Mt Jefferson  on the right and you can see a little of the Three Sisters on the left.
I had 9 miles scheduled and ended up doing 10! This is only the 5th time I've ran 10 miles. There is something pretty thrilling about it!!


  1. Beautiful day! I hope to be in Bend this weekend and want to walk down on the river.

  2. It *was* a pretty amazing day! We deserved to see the sun shine. Hope it sticks around a while. :)

  3. What a gorgeous view! Nothing like that here in TX, although yesterday I saw a lovely sunrise down by the pond. I can't even imagine running 10 miles. Good for you!

  4. Beautiful sky! I have been loving running earlier in the day and wearing short sleeved shirts. I can't wait until I can say I was going to run 9 miles but decided to do 10! Awesome!


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