Saturday, June 9, 2012

This morning the rain had stopped and this is what greeted me! An awesome morning for a run! No pressure, no training, just a good run! My plan was to run with a neighboring town's running group. It's nice to have new scenery too.
  Mt Hood
Centennial Park, Redmond, Oregon
Sam Johnson Park, Redmond Oregon

I need to change my running routes more often.

How about you? Are you a creature of habit? Or like to try new routes?


  1. Absolutely gorgeous! Cannot wait to get over there next month.

    I live in NE Portland, so walking from my house is boring but I try to go a different route if I can..its just hard as there is little to choose from...however, once school is done I will most likely start walking/jogging along the river in DT Portland on my way home.

  2. We just talked about this yesterday, switching up our routes and trying some new trails. We have miles and miles of trail around here so it will be fun to go exploring this summer.

  3. Each week the group I'm training with meets at a different location. It is so great to see new places, and makes the workouts so much more interesting.


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