Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Holiday Strategies for Success

How do you deal with stress during the holidays? I just realized yesterday that Thanksgiving is next week and I am hosting! I could feel my blood pressure rise a little and a feeling of panic started.
 My strategy includes making a list and checking it twice...oops, that's not my job! I am a list maker and will be utilizing that heavily from now until the end of the year.
Stress comes from overspending as well. Do you really need to break the budget to make purchases for every niece, nephew, brother in law, sister in law, doctor, mailman, newspaper deliverer and teachers? Make a budget and stay within it.
Do you really need to do holiday baking? If that food isn't good for your heart or waistline is it any better for the recipient? Cut that to-do list where you can. Take time to enjoy the beauty of the holidays. Be thankful for every day! Don't miss an opportunity to see the beauty in every day objects.

I will make sure I keep up with regular activity to keep my stress level in check. I like to take one day off a week, but will strive for 6 days of purposeful activity.
How will I  stay running and active in the midst of poor weather.

Last year I had a gym membership and ran a lot on the treadmill. This year I am trying not do do that, if possible.
I've taken out my winter running clothes. Make sure you have gloves, warm socks and a hat. Make them easy to find. There is nothing more annoying then spending 15 minutes looking for your hat!
Don't wear cotton- it does not breathe and stays wet next to your skin. Have the proper clothing for the outside temperature. Wear layers.
I found these tips online and thought it was timely!
Winter running tips

Start making a plan to succeed!!

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  1. The stress of any occasion rather it be a holiday, family reunion, or even a night out with friends can catch everyone off guard. They did seem to creep up on us faster this year. Running and walking or any exercise is a great idea to relieve those stressful thoughts. It also gives a person time to think and plan without being interrupted.
    Some of my best planning came to me while walking.
    Enjoy the holidays!


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