Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Holiday Half Marathon 2012 Finale!

Sunday was my last race of the year. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't happy about it! My bursitis in my hip has really flared up and making me pretty miserable. I'm ready for a little running holiday.
The Holiday half marathon took place in Portland. In mid December the weather can be quite nasty and Sunday chose to  be. It warmed up a few degrees so it was in the low 40s instead of high 30's but with the wind whippin' around and the rain pouring down I'm not sure the few degrees made that much of a difference.
This was somewhere between the start and mile 1. My daughter had forgot her gloves and I called my hubby to find her on the route and give her some that were in the car. You can see the rain gear, hats and umbrellas.
It didn't feel like we would ever make it to the turnaround. We were almost there when I snapped this one. You can hardly see them but to the right was a park lined with huge cedar trees. We don't have trees like that in the high desert and I was fascinated. I admit I was looking for a little protection for the rain and wind too.
Hubby snapped this about mile 12. I have to admit I was overjoyed that I was so close to the end! I was drenched to the skin and very cold. I see on my splits that my last mile I did speed up my pace.
I thought with the weather being so lousy it would slow me down more, (taking photos with my phone too) but I finished at 2:35:57 and I'm happy with that.
This was taken after a nice hot shower and before lunch. Look at the size of that medal! What a hoot!

Half marathon days are the only ones I enjoy a big burger, fries and a beer.  It always tastes super delicious!! I told my daughter this was the only day we could  wear our medals so we opted to wear them out to lunch.

PS- Blogger, quilter, super walker Michelle volunteered at one of the aid stations. It was so nice to have her there! I helped spur me on to her station!!


  1. All of you are amazing..will see if I do it next year. I was busy pouring nuun drinks and thought I better look to see if I see you and sure enough...I saw the bright pink jacket....that was seriously the first time I had looked up.

    I stayed til I saw my other friend, who was being followed by the police sweeper....she had her personal best time ...so happy for her and for you for toughing it out in the rain....last year was cold but dry BUT COLD.!!!

    Enjoy your Christmas and looking forward to getting over there in February to see your quilts on display at Quiltworks!


  2. You look great! And what an amazing running year you have had - well done.

  3. congrats !!! i just think this is wonderful that you run marathons.
    what a great thing to share with your DD too

  4. The metal is too much! Noone could miss that. LOL. Congrats

  5. Congratulations!! Great job, despite the nasty weather. That bursitis is no fun either..I have it in my hip as well, so I know how painful it can be.

  6. Congratulations Lori... and to your DD too!!

    I hope the bursitis settles down quickly.

  7. Congratulations! The picture on the bluffs is about two houses from my daughter's family's house - the one you met at Quilt Expo. She most likely watched you run by. I can't imagine running this far. You really accomplished something amazing.


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