Thursday, December 13, 2012

Final Race of 2012

My daughter chose this race to close out the year. I'm beginning to wonder why I felt the need to sign up!!  I really haven't had much of a rest after climbing North Sisters in August, then followed that up with 3 more races.
My biggest hurdle for Sunday's race? How to dress!! The forecast calls for a high of 42 and a low of 38 with rain possible.
One thicker pant? Or a base layer, with a lighter pair of pants? 2 shirts and a jacket? Or a vest?  A hat? Scarf? One pair of gloves? 2 pair of gloves?
I've been running outside, but not 13.1 miles.

I'm open to any suggestions or thoughts on the matter....please!!


  1. Last year it was my first 5k that I walked...I wore my son's rebox thermaly type tights and a skirt over that..with my two base layers and a vest I clothes and hat. I was an awful site oh...and my thicker Smart Wool was cold but I was not freezing...and I don't don't get that warm too fast..

    If I were doing it this weekend, I would wear my thick Smart Wool socks, long tights, thin base layer, long sleeve base layer, top over that and then a water proof jacket to shed head/ear band and warm gloves...that is my issue...finding good warm running gloves...Ultimately, I have found...if my feet and ears are warm, i can handle this crap up here. ;o) they say dress for 10 degrees you have good sox and running gloves?

    Will look for you....still waiting to hear if they need my help.

  2. I know I need to keep my feet, ears, and fingers warm. I have been wearing two long sleeve shirts and a vest and that has been enough. Happy running!


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