Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012 in Review

2012 was an amazing year! I had many special moments and memories this past year. I went above and beyond what I thought I was capable of.  2012 will be a hard one to top!!
Caribbean cruise with hubby a week after I turned 50
October 2011 I ran my first half marathon. I thought it would be the only one I would ever run. I'm not sure why I thought that! lol Here is my second half marathon, which I ran with my daughter on my 50th birthday in 2012. My kids and hubby are so supportive!!

I had the privilege to go back east and spend time with friends and make new friends and run in New Hampshire!!

Cory & I hiked South Sisters in August. It was grueling but so fantastic!!
I ran the Girlfriends half marathon with Rene in October.
Then we froze our butts off running the Holiday half in December. I've  decided I will stick to warm weather races, unless they are short.

So what does 2013 hold in store? I'm signed up for the Rock n Roll half marathon in Portland in mid May and that's all I know for now. I plan on looking for opportunities to stretch myself and live the dream, not just dream the dream.


  1. You look good for 50! I love your pictures your goals you had and kept, your dreams and all you did. You did a lot. I think you will do a lot this year. You have some amazing dreams. Keep them up. I'm thankful for you and your friendship. Love ya,

  2. Lori, you look fantastic!!!!! What a blessed year you had. Hope you have another one in this new year.

  3. Good for you. I am hoping to sign up for the Rock n River 1/2 marathon in Reno on May 5th...IF IT EVER OPENS/UPDATES THE WEBSITE and I am registered for the Happy Girls Half in Bend. Wanna come to Reno?

    I want to start hiking this spring/summer. Think I 'd like it.

  4. Wow, you are such an inspiration!! What incredible accomplishments to celebrate your 50th! I signed up for the Rock 'n Roll too. Nothing like a commitment to keep you on track! Here's to another great year living the dream!

  5. You go girl!! What a great year you had, it's amazing what we can do when we are motivated, have support and love. Ya just gotta give that little extra push and grab the opportunity when it rolls your way.. Love you Lori and I am so happy that you are happy:)

  6. Happy for you Lori! You've accomplished so much in 2012. May the good times keep rollin' :)

  7. I am looking for that next half marathon too - and I want to continue what I began in 2012 because it seems to be working for me.

  8. Go girl go. You are an inspiration!


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