Monday, February 4, 2013

More Skinny Rules

Here are 3 more skinny rules from Bob Harper.

7. No carbs after lunch. Stick to protein and fiber

8. Read Labels. If sugar is in the first five ingredients or if the % of fat is more then 20%,  then don't buy it or eat it!

9. Remember portion control. All things in moderation!!

I've been doing pretty good as far as eliminating junk food, limiting white flour, sugar and white potatoes,  but fell off the wagon yesterday as I was surrounded by Super Bowl party food and indulged.
One of the important things to controlling my arthritis pain is to lose some weight. Any extra weight is bad on your joints. So today I'm back to eating healthy and I'm planning on focusing on eating lots of fruits and vegetables with added beans for my protein.
I've been reading a good book that was recommended to me and it is making a lot of sense. I'll review it later in the week.

Let's make it a healthy week!!

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  1. This food and nutrition thing is really a journey - keep learing.


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