Monday, February 18, 2013

More Skinny Rules

I read Bob Harper's book, The Skinny Rules,  when it first came out last fall and although I haven't been following it religiously, he does make some great points.

Rule 10: Reduce added sweeteners, including artificial ones. 
So many fake sweeteners make claims. The bottom line is none of it is good for us. If I need to sweeten something I use cane sugar, brown sugar or honey.

Read a short study here about the fat mouse

Rule 11: Get rid of white potatoes. 
I've been good at reducing my white potato consumption, but have a difficult time eliminating it all together.

Rule 12: One day a week, go meatless. 
I would be fine without meat, my hubby would not! lol

Rule 13: Eliminate fast food and fried foods.
I've been doing this for sometime. My idea of fast food is Subway.

Make it a healthy week!!

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  1. Thanks for postingmore good rules. I haven't had a white potato since Thanksgiving!
    The artificial sweetner thing is one that I think stumps a lot of people but that sweet trigger is a tricky one :)


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