Friday, March 8, 2013

Trail Run turned Hike

The doctor told me trail running would be better for my joints then running on cement or asphalt.
So last weekend I headed out to a place kind of close to me, thinking I'd do about 5 miles walk and run. I have not been running long distant since mid- December, so I'm working my way up.
 I started on a dirt road close to me, then went off that dirt road to another side road and somehow my trail run turned into a hike!

Here I am trying to follow a deer or cow trail.
Finally found a road. It was so steep Porter didn't mind waiting for me while I caught my breath.
A view from the top. I knew the road was over to my right, so we hiked into this gully and followed it out to the road. I really needed to have my hiking boots on instead of my running shoes!!
I thought I might find some antlers that had been shed, but only came across this skull. Eeekkk..

I gotta find me some trails! LOL


  1. So what is it about trail running that will be better? We have some great trails around here. Will you need different shoes?

  2. Trails provide a softer ground to run on which in turn does not provide as much hard "shock" to your body when running as does when running on concrete. Concrete has absolutely no cushion where as trails do.

    good job and be careful. Dont get lost! :o)

    see you tomorrow.

  3. Yes, trails are much better than the asphalt or cement. I live on an acreage on a country road, but it is chip-sealed stuff from reprocessed asphalt, but along side it is soft, and we have a trail around our acreage. Much better than walking at the mall, Outside you get to see the beautiful country side and get your fill of fresh air, so you sleep better. Right now everything is covered with snow, but it is starting to melt, and rain is on the way. Good going, Lori.


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