Monday, March 11, 2013

10K Run for Congo

 Michelle and I right before our 10K in Portland Saturday morning. What a beautiful day it was!!
 We made a big loop around the Portland waterfront.

All in all I felt pretty darn good during and after the run!! I encourage you to check out
Run for Congo Women! What a worthwhile project!!


  1. It was a gorgeous day...glad you took some photos. :o)

    Thank you again for joining me. My thighs are still hurting. LOL...but its a good hurt.

  2. I checked out the Congo web site. What a great story and what good things you are doing to make the wold a better place. I hope you continue to feel good. Our daughter, husband and team from their church have returned from a medical and construction mission trip to Haiti. They have gone there since '99. She is a nurse.

  3. Lori,
    Congratulations to you and Michelle for doing the Run. So glad to read your back at it!


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