Thursday, May 23, 2013

Portland Rock N Roll Half Marathon

So Sunday was the half marathon in Portland. It had been raining the previous days but Sunday turned out pretty good for a race.
Extra security was in place. I wasn't concerned but it is nice to see.
Lots of people in place too! My pace dictated which corral I would start. This is the line in front of me. It took me 17 minutes to get to the start line!
This was the line behind me!
Crossing the Hawthorne bridge. Do you notice the carpet?
There was rock n roll bands playing about every 2 miles and lots of encouragement along the way. I loved this poster that someone tacked up on the route.
We were in line for our free beer here and through the crowd was the main stage with Andy Grammar playing.
I was thrilled to beat my fastest time by 3 minutes!!

Here's a fun video if you want to see some Portland highlights:
Joe's video recap


  1. Good job Lori. Glad we made it to the route to cheer you on.

  2. Good for you!
    Run as long as you can :0)

    Happy Spring

  3. Congratulations, Lori! Nice that the weather cooperated too!

  4. Way to go Lori! Good job on yor time. I'm doing a Zooma 10k in a week and celebrating my 65th year by doing my first 1/2 on Labor Day weekend....Rock N Roll Marathon in Virginia Beach...woot woot!!

  5. Congratulations! Rock N roll on Lori!

  6. WOW! 3 minutes that is big.


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